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Shown below is the full introduction for the non-fiction book: The Threat of Revisionist History on America’s Christian Heritage.


           There is a war raging in this country that is destroying America’s future.  That war is plainly visible, and anyone possessing a modicum of discernment should be able to see it.  The Supreme Court has said children cannot pray in school.  The Supreme Court declares they cannot talk about God – well not the real one anyway.  Use the name Jesus –  no.  Sing Christmas carols in school – absolutely not.  Display a Bible verse at work – are you out of your mind? The Ten Commandments, the bedrock of ALL of America’s laws, are being or have already been removed from classrooms, public buildings, and courtrooms all across the country.  What is it that those who hate God and the Ten Commandments really fear?  Are they afraid someone might read the Ten Commandments and actually obey them?  Yes, but the root of the problem is much deeper and more basic than that.  There is an anti-Christian bias that is permeating all facets of life in America.

The root of this anti-Christian bias is as old as the first sin itself.  It begins with a questioning of truth.  It first began when Satan asked Eve in the Garden, “…Yea, hath God said,” (Genesis 3:1)[1].  At the root of anti-Christian bias is a hatred of and refusal to acknowledge truth.  Because God defines truth, hatred of truth is therefore hatred of God.  Hate truth – hate God.  Hate God – hate truth.  Those statements are inseparable.

America is now at a point in time when everything is being questioned.  The Bible, religion, authority, integrity, history, right and wrong. All foundational truths are being challenged and redefined.  Even America’s Christian heritage is being relegated to the meaningless category of “irrelevant theological meditations” (more on this misrepresentation of history later).  Christians have long and often differed among themselves on issues of doctrine, but historically they had always been in agreement that there is an absolute truth that undergirds all laws and morals.  However, that is all changing.  Today society, including Christians, is seeking to define itself using situational ethics, values clarification, and relativistic ideas of what truth is or is not.  Today, not just the secular world, but Christians, and pastors, are attacking the very idea that there is such a thing as “absolute truth”.  Data contained in a survey conducted after the 9/11 terrorist attack indicated that sixty-eight percent of adults who attended conservative, non-mainline churches question whether absolute moral truth exists.[2]

            Carefully consider the following question that bears critical and urgent importance.  Does America have a Christian founding and thereby possess a Christian heritage?  That question regarding the role religion, specifically Christianity, played in the discovery and founding of the Republic called America has been a source of heated controversy and bitter debate ever since this nation began.  How that question is answered has far reaching implications concerning how America’s founding is envisioned and it also determines how Americans view themselves.  It defines America’s laws.  It defines America’s motives.  It defines America as a people.  And ultimately, it defines America as a nation.

            In most high schools, colleges, and universities, a large portion of America’s history is considered irrelevant to current post-modernist thinking.  Many American history curriculums now have only passing references to the founding fathers with some modern historians going so far as to admit they remove “theological meditations” from the actual historical accounts because they are irrelevant.  That fact demands an answer to each of the following two questions:

  • What are the true facts of history?
  • Do they really matter?

            As dozens and dozens of books and articles were reviewed during the writing of this book, a number of authors were found, writing on the subject of America’s Christianity and how it differs little from the world, who wrote that they did not want to be an alarmist.  Well, America’s Christian heritage is being threatened, perhaps even destroyed, and someone must be willing to sound the alarm.

            Reading statements like that begs the question, “If God was suddenly missing, would anyone notice?  Even worse, would anyone care?”  For the sake of argument, say God just up and left.  He was not there when some poor soul cried out for Him.  He could not be found in the world, anywhere.  Would anyone notice or acknowledge His absence?  “That sounds crazy and farfetched”, you say.  Well, that is precisely what happened to Israel in the Old Testament.  God’s presence departed from the Temple and withdrew from Israel and no one noticed!

            Stop and let that sink in.  In the wilderness, the “Presence of God” always went before Israel.  The Shekinah Glory of God was always present with Israel as they wandered in the wilderness.  That Glory of God stood as a pillar of fire by night and as a pillar of smoke by day, Exodus 13:21-22.  Later, when Moses constructed the Tabernacle, that Shekinah Glory filled the tent of meeting, eventually coming to rest as a pillar of fire and smoke on the Ark of the Covenant, Exodus 40:34-38.  When Solomon built his temple, the Glory of the Presence of God came to rest upon the Ark of the Covenant once again, I Kings 8:10-11.

            For eight centuries, the Presence of God abode within the temple and with His people.  But when Israel and Judah became backslidden to such an abominable state that idol worship, temple prostitution, and infant sacrifice were incorporated into the religion of Israel, the Glory of God departed.

            Can you imagine the horror and sense of loss Israel felt when this happened?  Wait!  There was no horror.  There was no alarm.  No one cried out.  Not one single soul noticed.  First, the Glory of God went up from the cherub and stood over the threshold of the house, Ezekiel 10:4.  No one noticed.  Then the Glory of God departed from off the threshold of the house and stood over the cherubim, Ezekiel 10:18.  No one noticed.  Then the Glory of God went up from the midst of the city and stood upon the mountain on the east side of the city, Ezekiel 11:23.  And still no one noticed.  No pillar of fire, no pillar of smoke!  Gone!  The Glory of God was gone and absolutely no one had noticed or sounded an alarm!

            Why is that important and how does it relate to the topic being discussed here?  It is vitally important because that same tragedy is happening again and again and again in churches all across America.  The Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ’s presence with us, is departing.  Why is that?  Could it be due to the fact that He is no longer preeminent in Christians’ lives?  America is scrubbing the last remnants of God from academic life, public life, and sadly, private life as well.  America has begun to worship the god of culture and the god of science rather than the God of Heaven.

            A major battle in the war against Christianity is destroying America’s Christian heritage.  If the world is successful in convincing America that it is not a Christian nation and it has no Christian heritage, America’s foundation will be destroyed.  Consider King David’s words, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3).  The word foundation in that verse can be taken to mean that which is good, right, and just (piety, justice, fidelity, integrity, and mercy) which are the pillars or foundation of a people, a state, or a country.  If that happens, the condition of all righteous men will be desperate.  If you destroy their foundation, if you can persuade people that their religious heritage is a sham and a lie, you destroy them and take away their hope.

            The true facts of history will demonstrate that America’s heritage is, in fact, Christian.  The brave men that first settled this country and those great men that framed the Constitution will be allowed to speak for themselves and in their own words regarding the Christian heritage of America.  History will then show how the early pioneers built upon that foundation and how Christianity thrived.  But then, consideration must also be given to the evidence that demonstrates how Christianity is waning and turning to worldly methods and is losing the battle for its children.  And finally, indisputable facts gleaned from many official government sources will show decades of declining morality that can be linked to America’s refusal to acknowledge its Christian heritage.

            America is reaching a very perilous point in its history. The German philosopher Georg Friedrich Hegel is often quoted as saying, “The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.”[3] That certainly seems true in regard to America’s Christian heritage. However it is even more serious than simply forgetting or not learning. As will be documented on the pages that follow, there is a concerted effort by some, not just to revise history, but to eradicate any mention of America’s Christian heritage. George Orwell, in his dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, foretold of the danger of such an approach to history. In that novel, he wrote of an insidious place called the “memory hole”. In the novel, government censors, “The Ministry of Truth”, erased all traces of news articles embarrassing or unacceptable to Big Brother by sending them down an incineration chute called the “memory hole” to give the impression they never happened.

            There is a great, and often unconsidered, danger associated with the increasing reliance on the vast electronic storage systems in use today. A government, or court, or data storage provider, or search engine can rule certain information is unacceptable and may no longer be viewed. It could be an electronic book, an electronic newspaper article, or historical information considered irrelevant, unacceptable, or offensive. The unacceptable information is simply dropped into the “memory hole”. In a instant, history is changed.

            Orwell’s tale is fiction, but what is happening today is not fiction. You do not have to go to a communist country to find individuals rewriting history books. In America, most history texts written after 1932 suffer from varying degrees of deliberate alteration by revisionists (more on this topic later in the book).

            If you dare to acknowledge that the truth of America’s Christian heritage can be hidden, altered, or perhaps even eliminated by scholars, academics, and revisionist historians with anti-Christian biases then you must face another very real and distasteful truth.  If the revisionists can silence the truth of history, they will silence the Gospel.

            Most certainly that cannot be allowed to happen.  Come, join the journey to discover the true facts surrounding America’s Christian heritage.

                [1] All Scripture quotations are from the Authorized King James Version Bible, Pure Cambridge Edition, (Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press).

                [2] George Barna,“How America’s Faith Has Changed Since 9/11”, (accessed 09/02/2017).

               [3] An extensive search turned up no source for this quote. It is offered as stated in many books and articles.