RcpMndr Info

Recipe Minder Pro© features:

When the Recipe Minder Pro© splash screen closes, a blank display screen will be displayed. The number of recipes currently entered in the database will be indicated by the “Recipe Count” in the upper-left corner of the screen.

RcpMnd Blank Screen

Recipe Minder Pro© has many useful features to assist you in saving, cataloging, and printing your favorite recipes.  A few of those features as listed below:

  • Organize by recipe book, source, category, or sub-category.
  • Mark recipe as family favorite, low cal, low GI, gluten free, or diabetic
  • Add key words to recipe, for searching
  • Attach captured image from the internet or attach your own saved photo
  • Set filter criteria for easy searching
  • Easy lookup of predefined units of measure and/or ingredients.
  • Add new books, categories, or sub-categories  on the fly.
  • Add new units of measure and/or ingredients on the fly.
  • Handy table shows halve and third values for common units of measure
  • Handy table shows common substitutions for 90+ ingredients
  • Backup and restore features to protect your recipe entries
  • Maintenance capability on all tables to allow deletions and/or corrections
  • Printing (including photo) via PDF file using Adobe Reader

More content will be coming soon.

If you have any interest in Recipe Minder Pro, email info@Zhetosoft.com for more information.