GrkSrch Info


The screen images and text below describe some of the features of Greek Search Pro.


Select Book, Chapter, and Verse for a simple comparative display of the Greek and English text for the selected verse. If the “Include Strong’s Nos.” checkbox is checked, Strong’s numbers will be embedded in the English text as shown above.
To display the Strong’s definition, phonetic spelling, literal definition, and detailed morphology for a Greek word in the selected verse, click the Greek word in the list box at the right edge of the screen.  In the example below, the 18th Greek word of Luke 4:6 was clicked. Note: this screen has been updated to include the full English text when a Greek word represents more than a single English word:




When a word search returns a large number of verses, you may wish to do further research on the results.  If you click the “Capture Verse List” option before performing the word search, and then click “View Verse Listing” after the word search completes, a display window will popup containing a complete listing of the Book-Chapter-Verse references. The reference list can be copied and pasted to other applications for insertion into a text file or other document for later research and analysis. The “Analysis Detail” option is discussed in a separate document.


Greek Search Pro contains an extensive help system.  The image below shows the help system with the topic tree fully expanded.  It contains detailed instructions, with screen images, explaining how to use Greek Search Pro.  The help system also contains topics describing the sources for the underlying English and Greek texts, topics discussing the “supposed” reliability of older Greek manuscripts, and a discussion of newer translations.  It also contains topics on elementary Greek grammar to assist you in understanding some basics regarding the parts of speech.


For a complete list of features click here: Greek Search Pro Features