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Zhetosoft Publication’s AMS Analyzer © is an intuitive, easy-to-use Excel-based process that allows you to upload Advertising Campaign data that you download from the Amazon Marketing Services website. Once downloaded, you simply upload the CSV (comma-delimited text) files directly into the AMS Analyzer database. The AMS Analyzer provides several sophisticated analysis reports (see samples below) which will allow you to monitor and determine the effectiveness of your campaigns and keywords.

The AMS Analyzer uses the open-source, relational database management system SQLite3 for storage of advertising campaign data. Unlike many other database management systems, SQLite3 is not a client–server database engine. Rather, it is embedded into the end program.

SQLite3 is a zero-configuration database in that it does not require any service management (such as complex startup scripts) or access control based on GRANTs, Usernames, or passwords. Access control is handled by means of file system permissions given to the database file itself. In the case of the AMS Analyzer, the database was created without a UserName or password. More information regarding SQLite3 may be found in the AMS Analyzer help system.

The AMS Analyzer is currently being released as a beta test version.

If you would like to participate in the beta test program, you may download a ZIP file containing the AMS Analyzer installer from the HighTail file sharing website. For a link and download instructions, see the bottom of this screen.

The AMS Analyzer contains a detailed help system. The image below shows the help system with all topics expanded:


A screen image of the analyzer’s main screen is shown below:

Main Screen

Screen images of the included analysis reports can be seen below:

File Import History:


Campaign Summary Overview by Day:


Keyword Summary Overview by Book:


Analysis by Campaign Number:


Analysis by Book and Campaign Number:


NOTE: Some of the reports are to wide to be adequately displayed here.

At this time, due to a lack of interest, the AMS Analyzer will NOT be released as a full-featured version. In the unlikely event anyone is interested, please contact Should there be increased interest, a future release might be considered.