GrkSrch Features

Greek Search Pro© has a very extensive set of sophisticated features. See the bullet list below for a complete listing:
Display English and Greek Verse Text:
·     Easy selection of Book, Chapter, and Verse.
·     Displays verse text in both English and Greek.
·     Includes Strong’s reference numbers embedded in the Greek text.
·     Either the English text or the Greek text may be copied and pasted into other applications.
·     Displays both English and Greek word counts.
·     Displays transliterated Greek word, phonetic spelling, part of speech, detailed morphology information (e.g. mood, case, tense, voice, gender, etc.), literal definition, and Strong’s definition for a selected Greek word.

·     Displays Greek word morphology information not just for root words, but for each and every Greek word as it appears in the Greek text.

Advanced Search:
·     Selectable options to search English text or Greek text.
·     When searching the Greek text, provides English to Greek character conversion guide.
·     Search by phrase, all words, any words, or advanced search criteria.
·     Search in all books or in groups of books.
·     Select case-sensitive or case-insensitive matching.
·     Highlights search word/phrase in matching results pane.
·     Option to capture book-chapter-verse references list for later use.
·     Option to limit search results to 100 matches.
·     All search results may be copied and pasted to other applications.
Search by Strong’s Number:
·     Display all verses containing a specified Strong’s number
·     Displays verse count and occurrence counts
·     Displays all English words translated from the specified Strong’s number
·     Option to capture book-chapter-verse references list for later use.
Word Analysis:
·     Displays all Strong’s numbers that are translated as specified word
·     Displays definition for specified word
·     Contains two source dictionaries (Smith’s Bible Dictionary and Webster’s 1828 Dictionary) and one chain reference source

·     All results panes may be copied and pasted to other applications.



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